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Featured Blog

uv water treatment

Combination Water Treatment: Oxidation Followed by UV Disinfection
Water Treatment Methods There exist several mechanisms for water disinfection, including chlorination and chloramination, ozonation, and UV irradiation. […]

denim manufacturing process

How to Monitor pH for a Denim Manufacturing Process
Two things made denim blue jeans revolutionary when they were invented by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss in 1873. […]

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pH probes for water treatment

Sensorex Expands UV Transmittance Offerings with Submersible Sensor
September 2016 UVT-LED-SW delivers efficient, accurate UV transmittance monitoring for municipal wastewater applications […]

pH probes for water treatment

Sensorex Expands SD7000 Differential pH/ORP Sensor Line
August 2016 New models compatible with a wider range of process monitoring systems for water, wastewater […]


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