Insertion Mounted pH Electrodes

Self-Cleaning Operation
Mount From All Angles

Known as wet-tap, insertion assembly, or hot-tap, these sensors may be side-mounted into tanks or installed in large diameter pressurized pipes. Use of a one inch full port ball valve allows removal without system shutdown.

Because of its cost effective CPVC construction, the Sensorex Insertion Assembly allows pH measurements to be made in pressurized tanks and main lines without having to use expensive stainless steel components.

The insertion depth can be easily adjusted by the user to be positioned in a turbulent area of the tank or line. This will optimize the self-cleaning feature of the flat surface electrode. In abrasive applications, the electrode is usually positioned close to the pipe wall. This assembly is well suited for measurements in liquids with high suspended solids and for measurements in viscous liquids.

The insertion assembly can be fully retracted through an optional one inch full port ball valve (Sensorex part number BV-1). The ball valve is then closed, isolating the electrode and holder from the pressurized system. This is accomplished without draining the tank or de-pressurizing the line.

The special electrode used in the insertion assembly allows it to be mounted in any position; for example, it can be mounted through the bottom of a tank with its measuring surface facing upward. The vast majority of pH electrodes in the world should be installed above the horizontal plane due to the intentional placement of an air bubble in the pH stem (The air bubble compensates for pressure changes due to thermal expansion and contraction). The standard S655CD is the original electrode. The model S656CD is offered with HT gels for general or severe use. Also, special models are available for low ionic samples and samples containing acidic HF. Note the S656CD features protection for the flat measuring surface to help prevent breakage.

Order the pH cartridge electrode, an insertion assembly, and a cable assembly for the initial installation. In the future, replacement electrode cartridges are all that you will need to maintain your system. Standard components are constructed in CPVC. Choose parts with a "K" suffix for PVDF  components.


Insertion Mounted pH Electrode Assembly

Part # Description Design






Comb pH Electrode

Comb pH Electrode

Comb pH Electrode

Comb pH Electrode

Comb pH Electrode

Std Cartridge Style

HD Gels Model

Low Ionic

Acidic HF

Std Style - PVDF

S675 Insertion assembly 12" Insertion Depth- Standard Unit
S676 Insertion Assembly 18" Insertion Depth - Special Depth
S675K Insertion Assembly 12" insertion Depth - PVDF
S675TK-#-L-EC-EC* Insertion Assembly Temperature Compensated - PVDF
S677 Insertion Assembly 24" insertion Depth - Special Depth
S675TC-#-L-EC-EC* Insertion Assembly Temperature Compensated
S653-L-EC* Cable Assembly For Conduit installation
BV-1 1" Full Port Ball Valve CPVC


* For cable assemblies, please specify the "L" in feet and the "EC" = End Connections to match with your controller, i.e. BNC + Bare Wire


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