Self Cleaning S8000 Modular pH Sensor Platform

The S8000 platform features a multi-use pH sensor: the S8000CD or S8075CD saves you time and money! The self cleaning flat surface sensors features an ERP reference system combined with our HT gels to provide dependable service life in difficult as well as light duty applications. The modular concept allows users to configure and reconfigure the system for use in both in-line and submersion applications. Optional electronic modules enhance the versatility of the measurement system.

Sensorex S8000 Modular pH system offers solutions to a wide variety of pH measurement applications. The S8000CD modular flexibility allows the same sensor to be mounted in-line or submersion, along with the option of with or without temperature compensation. Choose the S8075CD for all the same before mentioned applications and also if you have simple installations into off the shelf 3/4 inch tees. There is a choice of optional unity gain or differential amplification when mounting the sensor, and even an option of 4-20mA output. The S8000 series flat surface pH electrodes are based on a modular concept designed to save you time and money. It can be tailored to meet your application's specific needs. Save money by only paying for the features that your application requires.

In-line and submersion pH measurements can be made with the same S8000CD or S8075CD pH electrodes. Choose either S8000 series self cleaning flat surface pH electrode, one of the special models for low ionic environments, or samples containing acidic HF. The mounting hardware requires for in-line or submersion mounting. Optional electronic modules are available if amplification or two-wire transmission is required. A coax or five conductor cable assembly completes the system. All components are reuseable and reconfigurable and only the electrode cartridge needs replacement when required. To learn more, see the links below:

In-Line pH Electrodes

Learn about in-line mounting options.

Submersion pH Electrodes

Learn about submersion installation options.

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