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12 08, 2016

Why did the Olympic diving pool turn green? It probably wasn’t algae.

By |Water Measurement Tips & Tricks|

What's up with the green pool at the Rio 2016 Olympics? The Olympic diving pool was closed Friday morning, after the water turned green. According to a Rio 2016 spokesperson, diving training was cancelled in order to accommodate cleaning efforts to return the pool to its normal blue color. The pool water first turned green [...]

14 07, 2016

pH Calculation by Differential Conductivity Measurement in Pure and Ultra-Pure Water

By |Featured, Water Measurement Tips & Tricks|

Summary In all kinds of water steam cycles, the correct pH measurement in power plants play a key factor in corrosion risk surveillance. A measurement with a glass pH electrode is possible but requires a pH probe designed for low conductivity, high temperatures and pressure. An accurate pH value can also be obtained by measuring the [...]

13 07, 2016

Video: What You Need to Know About Produce Washing

By |Food & Beverage|

This 15 minute webinar recording explains how produce wash water is monitored to ensure that fruits and vegetables are kept safe and clean.

8 07, 2016

How to Monitor Nutrient Solution in Hydroponics

By |Hydroponics|

All hydroponics gardens or operations are heavily dependent on nutrient solution to ensure proper plant growth. The plants in any system grow in a medium that provides no nutritional value, so having proper nutrient solution is vital to plant life. It is crucial that the nutrient solution is monitored and properly fed to the plants.

1 06, 2016

How Does Water Quality Affect Aquaculture?

By |Aquaculture|

Monitoring allows managers to be notified when dissolved oxygen drops too low, endangering the health of fish or shellfish. Monitoring also provides feedback to control systems, which can automatically regulate oxygen in aquaculture via mechanical aeration. Careful control of aeration systems is critical, because these systems require significant energy expenditure. Optimizing aeration for sustainable growth conditions saves energy and saves money.

24 05, 2016

How to Choose the Best pH Sensor Part 1: Laboratory Style Sensors

By |pH, Products, Water Measurement Tips & Tricks|

You want a sensor that will provide the best measurement accuracy with the maximum lifetime, but the number of different laboratory pH sensors out there can be overwhelming. Before making a laboratory pH sensor purchase it is crucial to have an understanding of your application and the conditions the sensor will endure while in use. Based on this knowledge you can make a decision on what features are required.

20 05, 2016

Understanding Aeration Wastewater Treatment

By |Wastewater|

Aeration wastewater treatment tanks are subject to careful monitoring to ensure that nutrient removal is achieved safely and efficiently. Dissolved oxygen is a critical parameter in the aeration process, because oxygen levels in the tank impact the health of the biomass (microorganisms) breaking down the nutrients. To maintain the proper oxygen levels for biomass productivity, wastewater treatment operators utilize aeration pumps, which add oxygen to the tanks.

9 05, 2016

Everything You Need to Know About pH Sensor Calibration

By |Water Measurement Tips & Tricks|

Any style of electrochemical sensor requires calibration in order to provide accurate measurements. The process of pH sensor calibration is very straightforward, but many users are not aware of the considerations and reasoning behind this requirement.

4 05, 2016

How to Measure Brine Concentration

By |Featured, Water Measurement Tips & Tricks|

Why Brine Concentration is Critical to Application Success Brine is a solution of salt and water; the term may refer to concentrations of about 3.5% up to 26%, at which point brine is considered fully saturated. Brine has a wide range of applications, including deicing of roads, food production and preservation, and refrigeration. Application [...]

2 05, 2016

How to Use pH Measurements for Cheese Making (There’s an App for that!)

By |Featured, Food & Beverage, Products|

Cheese making is an artisan craft that can be a beloved hobby, a business, or both. With hundreds of varieties of cheese around the world, recipes and possibilities are endless. Skilled cheese makers refine each step in the process to achieve consistent and delicious results. The Cheese Making Process The cheese making process begins with [...]