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pH Calculator to Laboratory pH Electrodes

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       Use our accessible calculator located below to discover the acidity of a solution by inputting some information about the chemicals concentration, weight, or volume method.

What is the implication of the pH concentration? This calculated value is a crucial component in chemistry by having a widespread of implications within the following areas: industrial, pharmaceutical, and other commercial applications, such as food and wine. In addition to the implications listed above, the acidity concentration also has countless scientific and environmental applications. It is a fundamental parameter used to standardize the properties of soils and water, and is closely monitored in agriculture, horticulture, aquaponics, and aquaculture. To learn more about the pH, click here.

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Enter both the weight and total volume of your application if the chemical is a soild.
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Volume Method:

Enter the volume of the chemical, its concentration, and total volume of your application if the chemical is a liquid.

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